Draft Day 12X16 India ink and paper

The trading floor of a futures (stock) market; the most important day in the life of these infants.  Their entire future, social, intellectual, sexual, and spiritual will be decided for them.

Due to the worries of climate change and resource depletion, a group of highly regarded intellectuals decided to undertake a study to address these problems. They set out to find the perfect balance; a global societal structure that could keep things going forward without polluting the world or depleting all the earth's resources.

What started as a low-key intellectual exercise quickly turned into a major international study and eventually became adopted as a world-wide policy.  The high-minds of their day did discover a blueprint to keep everything as it is for the next “two thousand years,” outlining what was to be the greatest economic balancing act ever created.

For the plan to work, everyone is assigned a very specific role at birth. Everything in the infant’s life will be parlayed, traded and locked down today: occupation, religion, even their sexual identity. For example, if a banker dies, an infant is needed to fill the slot and become a banker.  If a unitarian church is fire-bombed, more infants will be assigned to follow that religion. If too many men born, some will be assigned an asexual designation.

 A decade of wheeling and dealing took place among the nations of the world to put this plan to work. Locking in the economic status of persons as prescribed by the leaders angered poorer nations. Upset that according to blueprint, these nations needed to remain poor so wealthier nations could keep their citizens in relative luxury. When poorer nations complained they were angrily reminded by the rich that this was exactly the point.

Eventually the Nations that mattered agreed to keep the existing state of affairs as-is and put the program into effect. Totalitarian states had an easy time implementing the plan.  In liberal democracies however, people had to be subjected to years of intense shaming propaganda:

“Don’t let your selfishness kill future generations.”

“Is your career choice more important than the lives of billions?”

“Giving up your freedom of choice is the greatest gift you can give.”

“If we all work together and do what we’re told, we will save the world.”

“A No vote for the plan is a NO vote for life itself.”

Most citizens were shamed into compliance, and those who held out were treated to the far more effective propaganda of “Do you want to be free, or do you want to live?”

Wealthier classes were able to negotiate and exist outside of this system so long as they kept their wealth within their families, did not have more than their quota of children, did not have their wealth grow or shrink to any great degree, and did not marry outside the class in which they belonged. This led to a lot of inbreeding.

Advances in medical science led to an overflow of elderly who could not participate effectively, taking up resources meant for infants waiting to be born. An “age-cap” was instituted for people at 125 years.  36 million people were cut from the top allowing for a massive backup of infants to be born.  This policy, conversely, created an overflow of infants and led to The Great Abortion of 2087.