Every Child Forced Ahead    120X68"  Acrylic on Canvas  (hover and scroll to zoom)

A group of kindergarteners have violently overthrown their teacher in order to remake the class in their own image. They are being viewed by people behind one-way mirrors on both ends of the chalkboard.

The classroom is covered with authoritarian posters, promoting a selfish, free-market, strictly materialistic,  “might makes right” worldview,  teaching absolute intolerance for those who differ in any way, be it looks, speech, ideas--even hair and eye color.

The children feel the ideology that has been drilled into them does not go nearly far enough, and believe that the adult masters are traitors to their own doctrine.   As a result they have become intolerant of those who are a different age, with their disgusting graying hair, and take the next logical step in their society's evolution and brutally kill their “old gross” teacher.

Their first priority is sorting through the teacher's files and dossiers on those in the class, weeding out any potential opponents, informers or saboteurs among them. One child at right is forcibly led away to an unknown fate.  A child behind them is currently freaking out over the unfolding scene.  He is in danger of being excised from the new order, and would be wise to stop his crying and emotional dependence on a stuffed doll.   Next to him is a boy in charge of coming up with the rituals and symbolism that will hold their new society together.



On the floor are two kids wargaming out strategy on a world map, as the young girl at the chalkboard turns from the blueprints of a nuclear-missile control panel she was studying, in order to keep an eye on things.  A boy on the left is kneeling on the floor drawing the story of their revolution for posterity.

Behind the one-way mirror on the left are the minders and controllers (mind-controllers HA!) of the children. None of them lifted a finger to stop the teacher’s demise, and presumably recorded it for later review, or to play at parties.  Behind the right one-way mirror is what looks like two prospective parents picking out a child from the litter, as a sales man leans against the glass looking nervously for the crying child.   You can barely make out the sign behind them labeled Kinder-Garden “Tomorrow’s Children Today.”